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The success of SmartMelter® technology has created extensive growth for its developing company, PaneraTech, Inc. The company has announced the opening of two new engineering positions to ensure that customers continue to receive a high level of support while managing furnace campaign life. PaneraTech is currently recruiting a Field Applications Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer to meet this demand.

SmartMelter® monitoring programs became publicly available to glass manufacturers in 2017 after a decade of research using advanced radar technology for furnace inspection. Several successful blind trials on both refractory walls and a furnace bottom confirmed the product’s accuracy at mapping glass infiltration and measuring refractory thickness. This news accelerated the demand for SmartMelter® and created the need for engineers who can be dedicated to this product line.

“Quality assurance is an important aspect of our expansion, but we also understand that product excellence is not enough for our business partnerships.  We strive to create trustworthy and productive business relationships with our customers. Our commitment to an equal quality of service and support is essential,” said Yakup Bayram, PaneraTech CEO.

The SmartMelter® team provides on-site service to customers by performing an initial map of the furnace to its proprietary software for data visualization and record-keeping. This visit also includes hands-on training of plant personnel for future inspections. Guidance and support is offered for each inspection, and full-service monitoring plans are also available.

PaneraTech is looking for engineers who like to engage with customers and have an entrepreneurial drive for getting things done.  Although the company is expanding, it remains a small company with an innovative team that values collaboration and professional growth. To learn more about these opportunities, visit