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Our Customers

Stories of Success

Our customers have achieved amazing goals.

Our customers have increased furnace campaign life, reduced capital expenditures, and achieved aggressive goals to slow refractory wear. Choose a story below to read about the success that manufacturers have had while managing their refractory-based assets with PaneraTech.


Libbey Glass increased campaign life by 25%

Libbey Glass played a key role in the development of PaneraTech’s SmartMelter® technology. Working with PaneraTech, Libbey was able to delay a furnace rebuild and increase production in their Shreveport furnace. This furnace melted 25 percent more glass at the end of its campaign than any other Libbey furnace had prior to working with PaneraTech.

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PaneraTech Reduced Repair Costs by more than 30% for Cardinal Glass

Cardinal’s first experience using PaneraTech technology on the bottom of a float glass furnace turned a potential surprise leak into a well-planned repair, keeping customer orders on track and saving both time and money. This saved the company more than 30% on the furnace cost alone, not counting production time saved and other costs that are incurred with a furnace repair.

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Park Cam achieved zero refractory wear over 12 months.

Park Cam recently made reality out of a glass industry dream. Working with PaneraTech to manage their furnace with more relevant data, they were able to achieve zero refractory wear over 12 months while pulling at full capacity. This puts Park Cam one step closer to having the ideal furnace.

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