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Innovative Technology for Data-Driven Manufacturing

PaneraTech uses data and the power of AI to enable Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) for Manufacturers.
We improve asset availability using sensor data such as radar and lidar, process data, software, and scientific analysis.

Our cutting-edge radar technology for refractory monitoring became an industry standard for glass manufacturers less than 3 years after its release. FM Global, the largest insurer, includes the use of our patented sensors in its list of minimum activities recommended for an asset integrity program.

PaneraTech helps manufacturers improve asset availability by:

Optimizing maintenance dollars with
data-driven prioritization

Removing speculation about refractory condition with deterministic data.

Preparing confidently for repairs with
accurate materials and labor

Refractory Assessment and Monitoring

PaneraTech’s sensors use radar data and scientific analysis to assess refractory reliability. In the glass industry, our SmartMelter® solution identifies glass penetration 1-3 years before thermal or visual indications. Our success in the glass industry has led to work in other industries, such as steel, to customize our refractory assessment sensors to their needs.

Asset Reliability Management

We predict asset reliability according to the manufacturer’s goals. This is based on data and experience from over half a million measurements on hundreds of refractories. Many manufacturers consult with PaneraTech to assess their refractory’s ability to continue production until a scheduled repair date. Our Asset Reliability Report provides data to guide these decisions.

Asset Management Software

Based on the platform, XSight, our Refractory 4.0 software, provides a transparent view of refractory assessment data across an organization. Manufacturers can prioritize dollars spent on maintenance with a dashboard view of all assets around the globe. XSight also makes it easy for manufacturers to implement standard management practices across all plants.
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