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Data-Driven Management of Refractory Based Assets

Your most critical business asset deserves cutting-edge care.

Are these challenges draining your company’s profit?

Rising CAPEX costs

Ever increasing cost of energy

Retirement of top talent

Poor access to objective data

Our customers reduce their annual spending on refractories by 10% or more.

Let our team convert your refractory portfolio into a Capex-efficient machine. We will digitally transform your asset using proprietary technology for collecting data, intelligent data analysis, and the expertise of seasoned asset managers.

Our customers don’t worry about knowledge and experience retiring away.

Is your most trusted plant experience retiring? Download their knowledge to the newly-hired person on day one.

Our holistic solution equips today’s less experienced workforce to make asset management decisions even better than their experienced predecessors. We equip your managers to make data-driven decisions that achieve ROI of more than 3x.


How Park Cam achieved zero refractory wear over 12 months.

Park Cam recently made reality out of a glass industry dream. Working with PaneraTech to manage their furnace with more relevant data, they were able to achieve zero refractory wear over 12 months while pulling at full capacity. This puts Park Cam one step closer to having the ideal furnace.

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PaneraTech offers a data-driven solution to refractory campaign life management that drives maximum ROI.

PaneraTech is your resource for total campaign life management for your most critical asset. You no longer have to operate with limited data and insights.

We manage the entire process for you!

PaneraTech fully knows that refractory health can be the difference between a prosperous year and one that turns to disaster.

We have built our business around maximizing the effectiveness of yours!

  • We apply vast industry expertise and proprietary technology to digitally transform your entire asset portfolio.
  • We have developed the most advanced sensors and AI-driven software for asset life management.
  • We provide experienced Asset Managers to assist with data-driven decisions to help you make the best decisions to meet KPIs.

Are you ready to operate with complete visibility into the most critical part of your business?


Book your consultation

We start with an in-depth discovery conversation where we learn about your business issues and challenges.


Digital asset monitoring plan

We develop a full asset monitoring program for you and digitize your furnace portfolio.


Optimize Asset Life

We assign an Asset Manager and monitoring begins ; you operate more effectively and drive higher ROI for your company!