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PaneraTech Careers

Do something innovative while doing something good.

Collaborate with a Global Team

Work with Leaders in AI Technology

Make Customer Workplaces Safer

Our technology creates efficiency for manufacturers and safer workplaces for their employees.

PaneraTech is at the cutting edge of technology for refractory-based industries, such as manufacturers of glass and steel. Our innovations include hardware for inspecting refractory walls and proprietary software that analyzes data with AI to support decision-making. The data we provide prevents hot product from leaking and causing catastrophic workplace injuries. It also helps manufacturers to operate efficiently with greater profit. At PaneraTech, you can do something innovative while doing something good.


We are a diverse global team that collaborates with colleagues around the world on a daily basis.

We are a naturally diverse team of different nationalities and cultures. PaneraTech is headquartered in the United States with a subsidiary office in Türkiye. We have employees located throughout the world, including Germany, Italy, India, and Brazil. Most of our employees regularly collaborate with team members in different countries, and customer-facing employees interact with contacts on six continents!


We care about quality of life. This means flexibility along with competitive pay and benefits.

We work hard, but we also enjoy flexibility. Most of our employees work remotely. Our focus is on results and team accomplishments rather than micromanagement of schedules. PaneraTech offers generous time off along with competitive compensation and benefits according to each employee’s host country. Our U.S. offices are closed each year between Christmas and New Year’s Day.


Our Türkiye office welcoming visiting field engineers from Germany and India over dinner.

We like to have fun!

Our employees who work in proximity to each other often enjoy social gatherings for fun and team-building. Our Türkiye office is for famous for welcoming new and visiting employees with great hospitality.


Our Brand Values

We are trusted, responsive, reliable, consistent, tried-and-true. We deliver what we promise. We are the thought leader. We are visionary, innovative, and cutting-edge. We make a meaningful impact for our customers with solutions previously unavailable. We challenge the status quo. We are premium, high-level, custom, experienced, and technological.

Here's what our employees say.

I am a Software Engineer with a Civil Engineering background. At PaneraTech, I had the opportunity to combine both professions to provide our clients with a better asset health monitoring service. My journey at PaneraTech started as a full-stack Software Engineer and throughout my career, I was promoted to Software Projects Manager. Over these years, I had the chance to work on different projects with different technology stacks for clients from various countries. I feel lucky to be working in a rapidly growing company that leverages a wide range of technologies and supports the career development of its employees. It's also exciting to push the boundaries of the services we offer in a field we are already pioneering.

Oncel Umut TurerSoftware Projects Manager

Hi, I'm Rana, a Junior Data Scientist at PaneraTech. I joined PaneraTech right after graduating from university, embarking on an exciting journey in the field of data science. The company's inclusive culture and commitment to growth have provided me with numerous opportunities to learn and advance in my career. Collaborating with a talented and supportive team has been invigorating, fostering a sense of continuous progress. Life at PaneraTech means embracing the ever-evolving world of data science and fostering innovation.

Elif Rana DamaJunior Data Scientist

I have been working at PaneraTech for over 6 years, gaining and sharing valuable experience. I started my professional journey as a System Test Engineer, and transitioned to Data Analysis Team, as a Leader. My proficiency in data analysis has been greatly enhanced by my academic background in Electronics and Communication Engineering, particularly highlighted by my successful Radar Design project where I graduated with high honors. Leveraging my expertise gained from working with multiple teams, now I am working as Global Project Manager. I have also expanded my skills completing 50+ projects in ML and AI. I strongly believe in fostering a culture of feedback and active participation to continuously improve our work environment, and I take pride in fostering a supportive collaborative, and empowering culture within our organization.

Duygu UzerProject Manager