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Data-Driven Asset Management:

Taking the guesswork out of refractory health.

Your seasoned manager and your new recruit can both make the best decisions with the right support.

Who will know and care for your refractories well enough to get their fullest potential?

The current rise in the cost of capital is happening at a terrible time. Just when you need your most seasoned and trustworthy plant managers, they are entering a well-earned retirement. You are left to manage your most critical assets with a younger workforce that is still learning and less likely to stay in one place for 30 years. PaneraTech equips your less-experienced workforce with threefold support: Technology, Data, and Expertise.


PaneraTech has been granted over 14 patents on proprietary technology, such as radar and laser-based sensors, to assess the condition of refractory-based assets. Our technology includes IoT sensors for continuous monitoring and portable sensors for a snapshot of refractory health; these assessments are reported in the context of a digital asset model. We continue to develop innovative solutions to meet the needs of manufacturers to collect important data.


Since 2017, we have evaluated the health of hundreds of assets and worked with customers to address issues and optimize the life and use of their refractories. Over this time, we have learned the best industry practices for making more product while reducing the cost of maintenance and repairs. We have taken that valuable knowledge and packaged it into an AI-driven software platform that tracks risk and utilization and provides recommended actions.


Data alone is not going to operate assets more efficiently. Human expertise is still extremely valuable for making data-driven decisions. PaneraTech’s seasoned asset managers provide this human expertise, mentoring less experienced plant teams and training them to use our technology and data to optimize asset life. Asset managers have extensive industry experience and are trained to interpret production and sensor data. Their goal is to help customers meet their KPIs, and they work closely with corporate and plant teams to meet that goal.

We will do the work. You get to watch your factories transform into a fine-tuned digital portfolio.

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