About PaneraTech

PaneraTech Was Built on Diverse Technology Experience

Our history began in Ohio State University’s Electroscience Laboratory, the largest university-based electromagnetics research laboratory in the United States. PaneraTech was created by a team of PhD Engineers whose goal was to use their diverse background in military and medical applications to solve industrial problems.

PaneraTech Developed Radar Technology for Refractory Monitoring

Our cutting-edge radar technology for refractory monitoring became an industry standard for glass manufacturers less than three years after its release. FM Global, the largest insurer, includes the use of our patented sensors in its list of minimum activities recommended for an asset integrity program.

PaneraTech Revolutionized an Industry with Data

SmartMelter® technology was released to the public after a decade of partnership with major glass manufacturers and leading U.S. research institutions. This revolutionized the glass industry, alerting manufacturers of glass penetration 1-3 years earlier than standard thermal or visual methods.

PaneraTech’s Platform for Data-Driven Techology

PaneraTech’s next disruptive technology is XSight, our refractory 4.0 solution. XSight is a platform that manages refractory-based assets using the power of AI. This platform enables predictive maintenance and creates a central corporate record of refractory health data.
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