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SmartMelter® can now detect metal infiltration into a furnace bottom. A common challenge when using recycled glass in the manufacturing process is monitoring the metal pieces that remain attached to the cullet. As these pieces hit the bottom of the furnace, they begin drilling. This creates a path for a major production disruption.

Demonstration Details

 The SmartMelter® team was approached by a major container glass manufacturer to demonstrate the technology’s use for 3-D mapping of metal and glass infiltration into a multilayer furnace bottom. The SmartMelter® team mapped the bottoms of multiple furnaces and demonstrated 3-D mapping of the infiltration.


The manufacturer could visualize the actual areas of risk in their furnace, which can be monitored regularly using SmartMelter® sensors.  Regular inspection with SmartMelter® removes speculation and empowers the manufacturer to prevent leaks while managing risk with increased confidence.