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Digital Vessel Monitoring (DVM):

Make more steel with your vessel.

You can produce more steel with your vessel while spending less money.

PaneraTech has helped over 300 plants around the world successfully optimize the campaigns of their refractory-based assets. We have successfully transformed the glass industry, earning recognition by a major global insurance company for refractory-based asset health management.

Digital Vessel Monitoring (DVM), PaneraTech’s technology for the steel industry, provides digital management of vessels to optimize campaign life by empowering the evolving workforce with a platform for data-driven decision making.

Unlock more potential heats.

PaneraTech’s software platform provides data analysis and recommends action to optimize asset production. We have found that steel manufacturers can unlock at least 10% more heats with Digital Vessel Monitoring.

Digital Vessel Monitoring is based on three key components that empower operators to make data-driven decisions:


Sensors such as laser, IR thermal, and radar to monitor refractory health are combined with a software platform to create visibility and transparency for all stakeholders.


Advanced data analysis, such as artificial intelligence, is employed to extend the refractory campaign and operate the vessels more safely.


An Asset Manager is assigned to help operators evaluate the data and make better operational decisions. The Asset Manager’s goal is to help the operator meet KPIs.

Rely less on human experience that is retiring away.

Operators are unable to synthesize all sensor information about asset health that is coming from multiple sources.  DVM combines laser, thermal, and process data with powerful algorithms so operators can make better decisions. The result is more product, more revenue, and less expenditures on the same asset.

How to get started with Digital Vessel Monitoring.

01. Pilot Program

We start with an in-depth discovery conversation where we learn about your business issues and challenges.

02. Digital Transformation

We develop a full asset monitoring program for you and digitize your furnace portfolio.

03. Extended Asset Campaign

Asset Monitoring begins; you operate more effectively and drive higher ROI for your company!