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Bridging the generation gap

Addressing workforce disparity in the glass industry

A significant demographic shift is ushering in a new era of challenges and opportunities for glass manufacturers. One of the most pressing issues at hand is the widening disparity between seasoned veterans and the emerging workforce.

The issues reside not just in the contrasting levels of experience but also in the differing degrees of technological fluency. Seasoned furnace operators may not be comfortable with the latest technology, but they contribute a wealth of operational insights that are pivotal for efficient furnace management. On the flip side, the incoming generation, adept at technology, often lacks the practical experience needed to effectively manage complex melting processes. As the veterans begin to retire, there is a risk of leaving a knowledge void that cannot be filled overnight.

This disparity not only creates operational challenges but also presents an opportunity. PaneraTech’s seasoned furnace experts, with their deep understanding of furnace operations and technology, can bridge the gap between technological proficiency and operational expertise. Our team works to enhance data literacy across your workforce while sharing best practices in furnace operations. This approach helps optimize the lifespan and productivity of your assets.

Technology training for experienced workers

PaneraTech Asset Managers demonstrate how technology can simplify tasks and enhance decision-making capabilities, thereby encouraging experienced workers to actively participate in the digital transformation process. Our Asset Managers have decades of industry experience, so they understand the current state of your seasoned workforce and how to lead them into technological proficiency.

Operational training for new workers

For those who are early in their career, our focus is on imparting a comprehensive understanding of furnace operations.  There is a distinct advantage with this group, as they can be trained in the best operational practices before faulty processes can be learned. Their comfort with technology can be paired with better knowledge about how to interpret and respond to the data they see.

Building a cohesive team

By filling the knowledge and/or experience gaps of each team member, our team is also bridging the generation gap. This leads to a cohesive team and builds the foundation for a data-driven culture that will keep your company competitive as the industry evolves.

The integration of diverse workforce capabilities through targeted training and technology is not just a necessity but a strategic asset in the glass manufacturing industry. PaneraTech is uniquely positioned to aid manufacturers in navigating this transition seamlessly. Our experience with over 500 furnaces brings substance to digital transformation that can’t be achieved with a mere software platform.

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