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The time is now

Why glass manufacturers must embrace digital transformation

Today’s industrial landscape is evolving fast. The urgency for digitalization is more critical than ever, and there is a risk of falling behind if manufacturers hesitate and delay this crucial step.

Advancements in technology and shifts in consumer expectations are driving change in the way decisions are made about production processes.  This leaves glass manufacturers with a distinct decision: evolve or get left behind. This doesn’t mean that digital transformation is merely about “keeping up”; it means leveraging new technologies to radically enhance operational efficiency, improve product quality, and reduce costs. These improvements are vital for staying competitive in an increasingly tight market, where every efficiency can translate into significant cost savings and better market positioning.

When assets such as melting furnaces are managed digitally with reliable data, manufacturers can make strategic decisions to reach their goals. For example, production can be optimized while saving energy. Adjustments can be made to operations processes in response to customer needs or early warnings regarding furnace health. Data-driven decision-making can help manufacturers decide which furnaces are the best candidates for product or color changes. It can help plant teams make those changes quickly and efficiently. It can also lead to more high-quality glass produced without increasing money spent on maintenance.

Manufacturers that hesitate to adopt digital solutions face several significant risks:

Decreased market share

In a world where competitors leverage technology to produce higher quality products at lower costs, those that do not adapt may rapidly lose market share. As customers demand higher quality and more customized products, the ability to meet these demands quickly becomes a decisive competitive edge.

Operational inefficiencies

Without the insights provided by data analytics, manufacturers operate with less efficiency, leading to higher costs and lower output. For instance, predictive maintenance enabled by IoT sensors can prevent unexpected downtime, a major cost and productivity barrier in traditional manufacturing setups.

Talent drain

A technologically stagnant environment may fail to attract or retain the early-career tech-savvy workforce that is critical for future growth. The newest generation of workers is seeking employers that embrace modern technologies, offering a dynamic and innovative work environment.

How PaneraTech facilitates digital transformation

PaneraTech provides a holistic solution called Digital Furnace Management.  We use the best technology available to collect deterministic data about the furnace. The data is presented transparently across the organization through furnace management software. Finally, a PaneraTech Asset Manager works with your team to interpret the data and recommend decisions for operations and maintenance.

Our Asset Managers are not just technology experts; they deeply understand glass furnace operations. They guide manufacturers through every step of the digital transformation process, ensuring that technological solutions are effectively integrated and utilized.

We help build a culture that values and understands the importance of data in operational decision-making. This shift is essential for fostering an environment where continuous improvement and innovation are part of the everyday operational ethos.

The call to action is clear: for glass manufacturers, the time to embrace digital transformation is now. The risk of inaction is not just falling behind but becoming obsolete in an increasingly competitive and technologically advanced marketplace. With PaneraTech’s support, manufacturers can not only keep pace with industry advancements but also set new standards for innovation and efficiency in their operations.

We have developed a tool that will help you assess your organization’s readiness for digitalization. Download load it here to get started.