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Kioo Glass, the leading container glass manufacturer in East and Central Africa , recently completed a planned major rebuild on one of its furnaces. Kioo was able to confidently plan their scheduled rebuild timing more accurately because of SmartMelter® monitoring. When the furnace was drained, the conclusions in the SmartMelter® report were confirmed.

A SmartMelter® audit was performed on the furnace in March 2019, with support provided from the SmartMelter® team both remotely and on site. The audit was followed by a detailed report and presentation of the findings by the SmartMelter team.

The furnace was shut down on the 30th Sep 2019 following some delays. However, the Smart Melter technology provided comfort in deciding to extend the lifetime of the furnace. When the furnace was dismantled, the furnace condition was found to be consistent with the SmartMelter® radar scan.

“We are pleased to find that SmartMelter® is allowing glass manufacturers to make maintenance decisions with greater confidence,” said Yakup Bayram, CEO of PaneraTech.