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PaneraTech announces a new addition to its global SmartMelter® team, Stefano Valenti (pictured on the right). Stefano will lead field operations in the EU, training customers and helping them make better informed decisions regarding maintenance and repair of their furnaces by performing SmartMelter® radar inspections.

Mr. Valenti has experience in site management for companies such as TM Services, Vetrobalsamo and BDF Industries. His furnace repair and rebuild experience includes all hot works during furnace production such as over-coating, replacement of electrodes holders or bubblers, repairs of refractories, endoscopies, thermographs, and furnace inspections. Stefano has also worked on production start-up including setting furnace operations as well as WE and FH combustion systems.

“We have been focused on building our regional field teams to strengthen customer support,” explains Jon Wechsel, SmartMelter® Service Manager. He added, “Stefano increases our presence in the EU and will be a great asset to our customers.”

“I am excited to be part of this innovative team,” said Stefano. He continued, “SmartMelter® sets a new standard in the glass industry, and I get to help customers use this technology to improve decision making while lowering the risk of those decisions.”