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In anticipation of a second COVID-19 wave, PaneraTech will be offering assistance to glass manufacturers by waiving SmartMelter® equipment lease fees to qualified customers. As the glass industry struggles through difficult circumstances, PaneraTech has decided to implement a temporary cessation of these fees to help customers who don’t have access to field engineers or partners.

“Social responsibility is important to us,” said Yakup Bayram, CEO of PaneraTech. He continued, “This is our contribution to assist the glass industry through these unprecedented times. We believe this will help customers who must avoid CAPEX or can’t get repair people to their facilities, or those who just want peace of mind that their most important asset can safely be operated longer.”

Some customers do not have access to technicians due to travel restrictions. Others have tighter restrictions to protect their workforce that do not allow the plant to bring in external visitors. The free leases will allow customers to collect the radar data on their furnaces at their own pace with remote guidance without being subject to cost and time pressures.

Starting October 1st, free equipment leases will be available to customers inspecting their entire furnace with remote guidance. This is a potential savings of up to $15,000. Because this offer is subject to equipment availability, PaneraTech is currently building new inspection kits in order to be ready.

“Our customers have typically collected the data on repeat inspections without our assistance.  Remote guidance, together with training videos, has been successfully implemented in Egypt, Turkey, Germany and Australia with additional inspections on the schedule,” said Fred Aker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

This new SmartMelter® program is limited to customers who don’t have access to PaneraTech engineers or partners or those who are not allowing external auditors into their facilities. Because of the significant discount that is already included in this offer, it cannot be combined with other discounts.

PaneraTech recommends that interested companies apply for this program early to ensure availability of equipment. Those who are interested in receiving a quote for this service can submit their information to PaneraTech at