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SmartMelter®, an advanced radar-based technology for refractory thickness measurement, will be presented at Furnace Solutions 12 Conference. This will be one of several topics on practical glass-making issues presented on Thursday, June 8th. The presentation will detail almost a decade of work in using SmartMelter® radar-based sensors for measuring refractory thickness, managing risk and optimizing furnace campaign.

Furnace Solutions is an annual conference in the UK that offers an opportunity for glassmakers and suppliers of furnace equipment and materials to discuss current challenges and solutions. The conference focuses on practical glass issues, such as identification of defects in solid glass, regenerator maintenance, and hot bottom furnace repair. Dr. Yakup Bayram, CEO and founder of the company that developed SmartMelter®, will present a morning session titled “Furnace Life Optimization with Radar-Based Sensors.”

“This will be our first time to attend Furnace Solutions, and we are excited to share the work we have done with SmartMelter® radar-based sensors,” said Dr. Bayram. “We receive inquiries about SmartMelter® technology on a regular basis. My presentation will address common questions and give examples of how the industry is using SmartMelter® to manage risk and achieve longer furnace campaigns.”

The combination of radar-based sensors, innovative data processing, and comprehensive software in the SmartMelter® solution has transformed the management of furnace campaign life. This deterministic method can detect glass infiltration and map the actual thickness of refractories. Using this data, glass manufacturers can make decisions about furnace maintenance with more confidence.

Plant personnel can perform furnace inspections safely with SmartMelter® sensors after initial setup and mapping of the refractory walls. The sensors are designed to work well in hot environments.The Refractory Thickness Sensor (RTS) records the interface between the glass and the wall to measure residual refractory thickness. The Furnace Tomography Sensor (FTS) interacts with the insulation layers to map early-stage glass penetration and measure residual insulation thickness. Details on the technology, including papers on validation trials, are available at