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Alex has always been interested in science and engineering. He was the kid who took his family’s old radio apart and enjoyed school field trips to factories. “I was curious like that,” he says. “In high school, a friend and I once went to a factory to do a tour by ourselves.”

Years later, Alex is visiting factories on a regular basis, spending significant time with glass manufacturers. This time, he is working closely with PaneraTech customers to help them realize the full benefit of data collected from the SmartMelter® solution.

“Being part of the analysis team, working with customers directly, I get to tell them how their asset is doing health-wise. Most of the time, I am the one who is providing the information directly to the customer. I get to give them something they really want that they never had before. I am proud of that.”

Background and Education

Alex studied Electrical Engineering at Ohio University and attended graduate school at The Ohio State University. While earning his Ph.D. in Electromagnetics, he worked in the Electroscience Laboratory (ESL) as a graduate research assistant. At the ESL, one of the largest radio frequency and optics research laboratories in the world, he specialized in laser-based work. It was here that he met PaneraTech founder Yakup Bayram, who was completing post-doctoral research.

Primary Role at PaneraTech
SmartMelter® was one of the first projects Alex began working on at PaneraTech because of his background in electromagnetics and his work with antennas. He also worked on the development of unique antennas to solve specific problems, as well as signal processing, which is the core technology behind SmartMelter® data processing.

He explains, “A lot of this technology requires advanced signal processing to work. We get the information from probes, and we must translate that into something that helps the customer. We develop advanced algorithms to make this happen.”
Today, Alex is primarily focused on data analysis and the development of new processing techniques. He spends a lot of time in the field demonstrating the technology, setting up the system, and training new customers.

Working at PaneraTech
Alex loves to travel and work in the field with PaneraTech customers. He also likes that because of PaneraTech’s size, everyone gets to be involved in the overall process. “I get to see everything that’s happening and be a part of it,” he says. “We each have our own specific duties, but we still get to see all of it.”