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Umut is a former Turkish National Team member in International Mathematics Olympiads. This talent for mathematical language has led to an impressive record in full stack software development and cutting edge technologies, including the innovative network that powers SmartMelter®.

“We set the pace, and we set the pace fast, and it’s always challenging.”

Background and Education

Umut completed his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Bilkent University in Turkey.  From there he traveled to the University of Maryland College Park to earn an M.S. in Computer Science. He worked for three years on software development for U.S. before returning to Turkey to design and develop various data systems for clients. He earned his M.B.A. from Bogazici Universtiy. However, it was during his undergraduate work that he met fellow student and future PaneraTech founder Yakup Bayram.

Primary Role at PaneraTech

SmartMelter® sensors are built on radar technology. However, this technology depends on a high-level software system to collect and send the data to be interpreted and returned as a meaningful report for the customer. The entire system, which incorporates over fifty technologies used on server, database, desktop applications and the mobile handheld devices, was written by Umut.

Working at PaneraTech

Umut enjoys working with the SmartMelter® team because of the barrier-breaking culture. He explains,”From my perspective, it’s the challenge. We are always solving problems that are actually very tough engineering problems; we are bypassing the limits of the engineering systems.”

He also notes the innovative environment at PaneraTech: “It’s the exciting environment of a start-up which is growing. The spirit of the start-up is there.”