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The SmartMelter® Story Featured in Glass Worldwide Magazine

The innovative partnership between PaneraTech and Libbey Glass is featured in the March 2016 issue of Glass Worldwide Magazine (Read the full article).  This month’s issue includes a personality profile on Terry Hartman, Vice President of Global Engineering and Manufacturing Support at Libbey Inc.

A Company that Values Innovation

The article discusses the four distinct value streams at Libbey Engineering with examples of their implementation. The development of SmartMelter® technology is described as an example of Libbey’s commitment to developing innovative solutions that are essential to successful glass manufacturing.

A Successful Partnership

In the interview, Mr. Hartman describes the furnace problems that Glass Manufacturers face and the reasons that Libbey chose to partner with PaneraTech to develop a solution. The article reveals details of the partnership and the successful development process that led to the comprehensive furnace management solution called SmartMelter®.

Read the full article.