Thank you for submitting information about your furnace. Here is what to expect next:


We will review the furnace material information and reach out to discuss your project, answer questions, and clarify any details we need. Then we will send a quotation for the project to the person who requested the quote.

Quote Approval/Pre-project Questionnaire

After the quote is accepted, we will work with your team to schedule a date to begin on-site work. We will also request more details from you about the furnace materials, plant support, and safety. The details that we collect will be used to construct a digital model of your furnace.

When the quote is accepted, we will begin preparing for your project

Digital Furnace Model

The digital furnace model will be used throughout the project to guide placement of sensors, analyze radar data, and report the condition of your refractory block by block. If you would like to see an example of the the interactive report that you will receive, visit the sample report link below.

Inspection Plan/Project Kick-off Call

Before on-site work begins, we will create an inspection plan that designates specific areas of the furnace for data collection each day. We will also schedule a project kick-off call with your team to review and confirm details of the project.

Would you like to learn more about what to expect?

Click here to view the entire inspection process.

Click here to view a sample report.


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