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A recent increase in glass leaks across the industry has raised the level of concern among manufacturers and their interest in SmartMelter®. However, furnaces with steel bottoms create a challenge, as radar cannot penetrate through steel. Traditional use of the SmartMelter® solution, which is built on radar technology, will not work in these cases. However, our team is always innovating and finding new ways to help our customers with specific problems.

The Risk Management Problem

A global container manufacturer was experiencing increased temperatures on their steel bottoms. However, they were unable to assess the true risk and urgency of the situation. Without clear data, it was impossible to determine if a repair was needed or when a repair should be scheduled.

The Customized Solution

In collaboration with the manufacturer, our SmartMelter® team cut out small openings at high temperature spots and sensed through the entire refractory layer. SmartMelter® can sense anywhere from 1.5 ft to 2 ft (450 mm-600 mm) in furnace bottoms depending on refractory layout. SmartMelter® mapped the glass penetration in open spots and assessed the overall risk of the furnace bottom. The manufacturer is using this information to plan for accurate furnace maintenance.