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PaneraTech is known for their SmartMelter® technology that monitors furnace health; however the company’s latest project involves digital media. After listening closely to prospects and customers for over a year, a new SmartMelter® website has been released that addresses the most pressing questions in video and print, with detailed images of 3-D reporting in XSight software.

Since the release of SmartMelter® Monitoring in 2017, the company found that the glass industry was excited yet full of questions. People wanted to know how the technology works, but they were also unclear about the business model. Is this a product or a service? Would they have to purchase equipment? What do the reporting results look like? PaneraTech listened closely to these questions, and developed content that explains the SmartMelter® Monitoring Program in detail.

The new content also addresses the various applications of SmartMelter® technology for different types of furnaces at various stages of campaign life. PaneraTech began to study the various inquiries that they receive, and found that most fall into one of three categories: managing risk on a critical stage furnace, planning maintenance schedules and budgets, and making data-driven decisions, such as whether a furnace is a good match for a certain product mix. Various staff members stepped in front of the camera to talk about each of these applications in a new set of videos.

“Our entire team was involved in this project to make sure were delivering a high-quality presentation to customers that leaves them satisfied with the information they received,” said Yakup, Bayram, CEO of PaneraTech.He continued, “Most of our staff is more comfortable in a factory than a recording studio, but we enjoyed the opportunity to speak directly to our visitors about what we do.”

The new SmartMelter® website can be viewed at