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SEFPRO, a provider of innovative and reliable refractory solutions for glass manufacturers, is now a SmartMelter® Certified Partner. There is a natural synergy between the two companies that forms the basis of this partnership. SEFPRO is a major global refractory supplier offering top-of-the-line refractory solutions specifically to the glass industry; PaneraTech is the only company to offer radar-based refractory monitoring solutions to the glass industry.

SEFPRO’s company focus is to “be the refractory supplier you can trust for meeting your ever-evolving needs.” As technology has evolved to include more robust refractory inspection capabilities through SmartMelter® radar technology, SEFPRO is committed to manufacturing products that are compatible with these technologies.

The relationship between PaneraTech and SEFPRO actually began a few years ago. When SmartMelter® was introduced, chrome refractory products were not an option for radar-based inspections. However, PaneraTech found that some customers were having success when testing the technology on SEFPRO WOOL products.  SEFPRO asked PaneraTech to demonstrate its technology on the WOOL line.

SmartMelter® has now been validated in multiple blind trials with glass manufacturers, and PaneraTech can confidently recommend the SEFPRO WOOL product line to customers who prefer chrome. SEFPRO WOOL is the only SmartMelter®- compatible chrome refractory product available.

This official Certified Partnership will help PaneraTech reach new markets through SEFPRO’s global presence.  SEFPRO will now be able to offer customers the best on-time solutions for maintenance based on SmartMelter® refractory assessments.

“We look forward to working with SEFPRO customers to increase production reliability,” said Yakup Bayram, CEO of PaneraTech. “We will also be working closely with SEFPRO as they develop new products.”

“As the industry moves toward more sustainable furnace solutions, we are committed to help our customers reach out the most advanced refractory monitoring methods to optimize furnace life,” said Alain Zanoli, President of SEFPRO.