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Digital Furnace Monitoring (DFM)

Reliably make more glass with your furnace.

Maximize Asset Campaign Life

Dramatically Boost Your ROI

Reduce CAP-EX Spending

Digital Furnace Monitoring

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Digital Furnace Monitoring (DFM) detects glass penetration 1-3 years before there are visual or thermal indications.

Early detection of issues is critical to the life of a furnace campaign. By the time most audit methods detect glass, it is too late to make a meaningful impact on the furnace life. We help you create a proactive schedule of advanced audit and inspection services so that you can make adjustments to slow refractory wear before it has cut years from the asset’s production potential.

PaneraTech’s technology has been recommended by insurers.

Our cutting-edge radar technology for refractory monitoring became an industry standard for glass manufacturers less than 3 years after its release. FM Global, the largest insurer, includes the use of our patented sensors in its list of minimum activities recommended for an asset integrity program.

Our customers have increased their furnace campaign more than 1 year with timely overcoating.

When you know the exact condition of your refractory, block by block, there is no need to overcoat prematurely. By delaying application until it is necessary, you can add a year or longer to the campaign. Libbey Glass increased the campaign life on their Shreveport furnace by 25% using PaneraTech technology.