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Is Your Furnace Ready for Industry 4.0?

XSight Furnace Health Management platform improves and simplifies furnace condition visibility and prepares it for Industry 4.0 with digital asset management. In compliance with Industry 4.0, XSight creates a central corporate digital record for all refractory health data that can be accessed at any time from the plant or corporate office. Manufacturers no longer have to rely on human memory experience with a refractory, which can be lost with retirement or turnover.

XSight is powered by PaneraTech’s refractory.ai platform

Standardize Furnace Data Management Across Your Organization

XSight Furnace Health Management Platform integrates furnace health assessment data from any internal or external  audit/service/repair vendor in a standard digital format. 

Optimize Maintenance Dollars with Data-Driven Prioritization

XSight Furnace Health Management provides full transparency between your corporate engineering and plant team to determine the reliability of the furnace and optimize maintenance dollars.

  • Enable your entire organization to see the furnace condition with transparent reliability assessment
  • Optimize your maintenance budget across the furnace portfolio based on relative reliability assessments

Easily Implement Industry Best Practices

FM Global recommends daily walk-down inspections as part of its best practices for refractory maintenance. With XSight’s daily inspection module, regular walk-down inspections can be assigned to specific employees, who record observations and pictures right into the software with their cell phone.

XSight offers an option to store data in your own private cloud account.

Attach information directly to a 3D
model of your asset
Innovative 3D model allows you to:
• Capture entire furnace health in an all-in-one 3D view
• Innovative integration of endoscopy photos, thermal data, SmartMelter radar data
Compare pictures, inspections, and
issues with just a few clicks
Compare visual, thermal and endoscopic inspection reports interactively to assess progress and resolution of problems
Centralized views of current and
historical asset health
All health data in a single location to analyze asset condition and make decisions accordingly
Easy to use and intuitiveObservations, inspections, and maintenance can easily be attached to the 3D model by clicking on the critical area
User management modelEasy user rights module, customer administers user permissions including edit or read only capabilities at all corporate, plant, and asset levels
Multi-language capabilityComplete multi-language support for the entire platform
Dashboards for auditors and
View furnace condition for the entire organization’s asset portfolio at a glance
Creating PDF reports from audit
See all inspection data in PDF format with one click
Mobile data entry*Use your mobile device for daily routine inspections and for sending pictures directly to XSight
Digitization serviceUse our digitization service to digitize all of your historical data into the platform in accordance with 4.0 principles, additional fees apply
Data can be stored on your corporate
private cloud
Absolute data privacy, customers decide if and with whom they grant access and whether they want to store data in your own private cloud
Cyber-securityRobust security following ENISA guidance on Good practices for Security of Internet of Things
Browser-basedCan be used from all major browsers on all major hardware without installing any software
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