Working at PaneraTech

A Global Company Based in the United States

PaneraTech’s solutions help manufacturers in over 40 countries with Data-Driven Decision Making (DDDM) using radar, data, and the power of AI. Our company headquarters is in Northern Virginia in the Washington, D.C. area. We have an office in Turkey and staff located around the world to serve our customers, including Germany, Italy, Japan, and India.

Working at PaneraTech

Working for PaneraTech means you are part of a company large enough to impact the decision-making practices of an entire industry, but small enough to be agile and innovative. We value transparency and teamwork, as we collaborate on common goals that are shared throughout the company. Although we are geographically diverse, we work together on a daily basis.

Benefits at PaneraTech

PaneraTech consistently attracts leaders in their field with competitive salaries, generous paid time off, medical insurance, and work/life flexibility. Our U.S. offices are closed each year between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Life in the Turkey Office

PaneraTech’s Turkey office supports our software team and data analysis team. Our employees in Turkey appreciate the modern, creative environment where they are encouraged to express ideas and contribute to projects. Work-life balance is encouraged with flexible hours.


Develop Products that Impact Manufacturing

Are you tired of spending all of the time in your “development” job on product management? The PaneraTech software team follows the Google 80/20 rule. We are an innovative team that is constantly creating disruptive technologies that make a difference for manufacturers. Our comfortable office allows us to focus on our work without bureaucratic distractions and take time for fun with a video game or two.

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