Assessment Process


Intake Form

Customer provides furnace and inspection details by submitting a furnace intake form.

Furnace Material Information

Customer provides construction and the binding steel details that are essential for a high-quality, accurate inspection.


PaneraTech presents the customer with a final quote.


Quote Approval

Customer approves the quote and sends PaneraTech a purchase order.

Digital Furnace Model

PaneraTech’s furnace radar experts build a digital model of the furnace for the inspection.

Inspection Plan

An inspection plan is created, designating specific areas of the furnace for data collection each day.


Furnace Labeling

Technician guides plant personnel through labeling each section of the furnace to correlate with the digital furnace model.


Technician trains plant personnel how to use SmartMelter® sensors. (remotely or in-person).

Radar Signal Acquisition

Data is collected by acquiring a signal on each block of the furnace according to the inspection plan, guided by a handheld device. Customer also has an option to use a PaneraTech technician, contract technicians, or a Certified Partner to perform the data collection.


Data Validation

The advanced radar algorithms are received and validated by a team of Furnace Radar Experts for quality control. The team may request “retakes” of radar signals at specific points.

Analysis and Interpretation

Furnace Radar Experts interpret the radar algorithms to produce measurements for each block in the virtual furnace model. The inspection is reviewed and approved by a team of advanced engineers with PhD degrees.

Furnace Expert Review

Furnace experts review the data and make recommendations.



A report is generated using the digital furnace model.


Teleconference is scheduled for all stakeholders. Inspection results are presented visually using the digital furnace model.

Maintenance and Repair Recommendations

Recommendations are made by a furnace expert based on the inspection results. If the customer is working with a Certified Partner, the partner can give the customer customized maintenance and repair options in the context of their comprehensive inspection.

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