Certified Partners

SmartMelter® Certified Partners

SmartMelter® Certified Partners can perform comprehensive furnace inspections that include a SmartMelter® Refractory Assessment. When you use a Certified Partner, they are heavily involved in the furnace expert review and recommendation process. The result is a detailed and accurate scope of materials and labor so that there are no surprises when repairs begin. This minimizes furnace downtime so that you can maximize production.


Garfield Wang
RHI trading(Dalian) Co.,Ltd
RM.2208 Lippo, No.222 Huaihai (M)Road
Shanghai 200021 ,China
Tel +86  21 2319 9615

Cyril Linnot
SEFPRO Repair Services
ZI la Croisière
84500 Bollène France
+33 6 82 09 37 05

SmartAudit by Certified Partners

SmartAudit combines traditional visual, thermal and endoscopy inspections to identify weak furnace spots with SmartMelter® radar imaging. This provides a new standard for risk management that is completely compliant with FMGlobal’s latest recommended practices. The entire SmartAudit is delivered through our Certified Partners, who are trained and authorized to use SmartMelter sensors.​​

SmartAudit enhances traditional audits by reporting the remaining AZS refractory thickness where the material is directly accessible. Where there is insulation, early glass penetration is found using computer tomography sensors on operating furnaces and is reported through our SmartAudit platform. For more information on this service, please contact our certified partners. 

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